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At Saimoon we nurture your pets like our babies and we believe in providing a free environment where dogs can enjoy the freedom of space to hang out with their friends. After all a free environment is required to grow well, because the health and safety of every one of our dogs is of the utmost importance, we have requirements everyone has to meet and an enrollment process that all dogs must go through in order to come for the just the day or to spend the night.

It is our objective to constantly meet and surpass your desires by giving you and your pet with the absolute best in Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming.

What’s the #1 Pet Travel Tip, that’s easy,

Travel tip


Always bring your Pet!

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We have lots more fun tips coming, for now if you have any suggestions on tips when travelling with your pet, be sure to email them to us. Your friends at


Saimoon Pet Travel Tips

  • Assess your Pet’s Traveling Capabilities –

    If the pet is young or old then these genere pets can get affected by travelling long trips so these things must be kept in mind. Similarly in case of any injury or illness advice of your veterinarian must always be taken.

  • Make sure of all the necessary vaccinations of the pet

    – Consult your vet and check if your pet has all the necessary up to date vaccinations to obtain a health and rabies certificate. This is especially important if you will be traveling by plane since airports require that you have the certificate issued no earlier than 10 days before you take off.

  • Buy the appropriate crate for your pet’s travels –Make sure, this includes: sturdiness, plentiful ventilation, a door that securely locks, an interior free of affliction possibilities and above all plenty of space to move around. You should also get one that can be grabbed easily from the outside where the animal can’t harm.
  • Put tags on your pet that have all the current information– This can be owner’s name, a phone number, an address and proof of vaccination. As an extra security measure you might want to get your pet micro chipped which will make it very easy to find him or her in case you become separated.

  • Clip your pet’s nails before you depart -This make sure that your pet will be easier to restrain as well as diminish the prospect of causing unwanted damage. If your pet has fleas or ticks make sure to apply the proper treatments so that he or she doesn’t infest their new environments.

  • Be prepared for the Worst Situation -If in worst condition you and your pet become separated you should come with a list of helpful information regarding him or her as well as a recent photograph. Among the information included you should have the breed, call name, age, coat type, color, characteristic markings and microchip number.

  • Have plenty of fresh water at your side -Don’t introduce food to your pet that is very different from what you ordinarily feed him to avoid any complications. If you can’t find your dog’s brand of food you should introduce him or her to a new type gradually and be attentive to any changes due to diet.

  • Browse Pet friendly hotelsFind a suitable hotel for you and your pet. Hotels offer different pet policies from one another so be sure to research your hotel carefully.
  • Contact the Hotel prior to your arrival – Make sure they are informed that you will be arriving with a pet. Each hotel has their own policies regarding pets.
  • Carry the Essential Requirements of the Dog right from the sitting sheets to the Food -You should bring with you a strong leash, sheets for your dog to lay as to make sure he is not sitting on furniture or bedding, plenty of pet food that may not be available, lots of water, your pets food and water bowl and make sure to wash them regularly, and toys for them to play with for some stimulation.

  • Other Necessary Things to Carry You might also want to bring with you tweezers for removing unwanted creatures or objects, baby wipes to clean them off, waste removal bags, first aid kit (especially if you’re traveling somewhere remote), a flashlight for walks out in the dark, comfortable bedding, disinfectant spray may come in handy and also carpet cleaning items.